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Welcome to our company, where we provide industry-leading Cloud, DevOps, DesSecOps, and SRE services to help organizations thrive in the digital age.

We are a team of experts in Cloud, DevOps, DesSecOps, and SRE services. Our mission is to help businesses thrive in the digital age through innovative solutions tailored to their needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and support to our clients. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization succeed.

What We Do

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Cloud Infrastructure & Networking

  1. ⇒ Highly Scalable & Available Infrastructure for your Business, School, NGO, Non Profit Org
  2. ⇒ On-prem ⇋ Hybrid Cloud Networking Solutions
  3. ⇒ Secure Network Designs
  4. ⇒ Automated Infrastructure
  5. ⇒ Research and Development


  1. ⇒ Image & Container Hardening
  2. ⇒ Regulations, Government Compliance, Security Compliance & Preparation for Certifications
  3. ⇒ Static Analysis & Vulnerability Scanning
  4. ⇒ GDPR Compliant
  5. ⇒ Threat Modelling
  6. ⇒ Security Assessment
  7. ⇒ Security Best Practices

We Love Automation

  1. ⇒ IaaC
  2. ⇒ Configuration Automations
  3. ⇒ Pipelines
  4. ⇒ Automation Scripts
  5. ⇒ Python
  6. ⇒ Logging & Monitoring
  7. ⇒ GitOps


  1. ⇒ Reduce & Optimize Cloud Costs tweaked for your org
  2. ⇒ Multi-Cloud Implementation
  3. ⇒ On-prem to Cloud Migration
  4. ⇒ Onboarding to Cloud
  5. ⇒ Infrastructure Assessment
  6. ⇒ Solution Designs & Cloud Diagrams
  7. ⇒ Design Validation & POC
  8. ⇒ Cost of Ownership Assessment

Scale with Cloud & Microservices

Scaling with cloud and microservices involves using cloud computing services and a modular approach to software development to create highly scalable and resilient applications that can adapt to changing business needs and customer demands.

The Twelve-Factor App

Silicon Valley App prefers 'The Twelve-Factor App' methodology prioritizes building portable, scalable, and easily maintainable software applications. By adhering to twelve key principles, the business can ensure that its applications are reliable, easy to scale, and can run in any modern cloud environment. This approach helps the business stay agile, responsive to customer needs, and competitive in the marketplace.

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